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Late 9/28 report

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Went out in the evening to 3mb and met up with Bo-Keifus. Launched from graffiti bridge on 17th. Started trolling with a pink and white duster and a frozen cigar and get about to the middle of the fishing bridge and my line starts ripping out. I try to use some thumb pressure to slow it down but it isn't really working so I get my yak turned and start heading towards the fish. I am thinking king because ot the way it ran and for how long. It probably took out 150-200 yds on me. I start making up some ground and then it pretty much stops fighting so now I am thinking small shark. To my suprise when I get it next to the yak it is a BUL RED!!!!!:D I have caught one from the shore before and on a pier but this was the first BULL from my yak!!! It was awesome. Didn't catch much else just some white trout and a couple of ladyfish. All and all a great night and it was great to meet you Bo. Glad you got out and grabbed yourself a nice king the next day. I on the otherhand didn't get up early...:no:


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Those bulls are fun to catch. I cant wait to get out in the pass a rip them hogs!! O*D*W
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