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i went out fising the last three days (yes we were the idiots out there in the 16ft cape horn) with my friend(isaiah hes 16) his nephew(mathew hes 6) and his brother in law(trey dunno his age but hes in his 20's) and the first day(thursday) we went out to the pass and didn get any thing so we went by epa and didnt get anything then we went to bob sikes and caught a million pig fish pretty big ones too. called it a day round 1130 because we had to be bak for dinner then yesterday(friday) we went out to the three mile bridge and tried to anchor up we stayed for round hals an hour and took 2 waves over the bow so we decided to leave and went i back into boyou? tahar to get out of the wind and waves then we headed over to the big concrete thing that the barges tie up to and threw out some pinfish and shrimp and we werent getting anything and we were about to move and trey (the brother in law) was reelingin the last rod and brought in a little white trout so we decided to stay and we all put on gulp shrimp on jig heads and by now mathews got us all outfished and hes having a blast and we ended up catching 24 white trout and 2 huge croaker. the today we went out it looked clam in the morning so we decided to go the bridge again so we anchored up and within 20 mins of being there the big rod went off its a pen tld25 or something like that so i thought it was a bull red but bring it up and its a huge red snapper 24 inches round 5-6 lbsand we were all happy and high fiving
but then i was like wait a min
its closed season
so we were all mad and were contemplating if we should just throw it in the cooler and call it a day but we did the "right" thing and let it go
so that was a big
so we stayed there for a while and didnt get andthing then we go to leave and the anchors stuck so we cleat it off and start pulling and it finaly comes off bent but its in the boat then we troll down the side of the bridge and run to the jetties off ft pickens and anchor up catch a pigfish and a small mangrove "grey" snapper then we look uop and we literally right on top of the rocks so we go into panick mode and barely get the motor down and away from the rocks and reset the anchor or so we thing then we caught a few more small mangroves and trey caught a small gag then we decided to move to infront of the pier down there but we couldnt get the anchor to stick so we went to some jetty that trey knew about to make it short we didnt catch anything but had a long wet ride home and i mean wet we were all soaked to the bone but it was a fun 3 days oh i saw someone out in a yak early in the mornin round 9ish was yellow or orange wasnt close enough to tell what kind but they were by the little rock island west of the three mile bridge.
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