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Been fishing for the last 3 weeks off the beach down here and catching tons of spanish mackerel and even a few kings, so decided to try something different today.

Fished a few mangrove spots and some grass flats with only a couple of small trout so decided to head to the Skyway and catch some spanish for dinner. Trolled under the Skyway and my buddy hooked up and thought he was hooked on the bridge until the fish turned away from the bridge, about 15 minutes later we brought a bonito in much to our dismay (after we were thinking it was a huge spanish or a medium king). Trolled for a while longer with no success, so we decided to anchor up over some structure we had found.

Nothing happening, nothing happening, then all of a sudden WHAM! My buddy's reel is screaming and a fish jumps out of the water and throws the hook. He says "It's a cobia", I said "that's no "insert expletive here" cobia, that was a tarpon".. about 2 minutes later I have a hit and sure enough I've got a 60-70# tarpon on, problem is we're fishing with tackle that's no match for any tarpon over 15-20#, well I had mine on for a while longer, just long enough for him to jump 5 or 6 times and just about spool me before I busted him off. Pretty late in the year for the tarpon to be here, but it has been warm so they're still around. Hopefully more reports coming soon with snook and such and one of these days I'm gonna get another digital camera and I'll put some pics up.
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