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Killed one of the elusive oak trees out on eglin

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I went out at 2:30 and sat unti just after 4:00. A small 4 point comes in from behind me and down wind. He is coming out at 20 yrds. I draw back and he hangs up just before the open area. I let down without getting busted. He flicks his tail and starts walking so I draw again and just as I reach full draw he hits the opening. A soft grunt stops him and all is good except I dont fill my flething on my lip. I have on a thin net type face mask that I shot with a few times without any issues. My other two anchor points are fine so I think the mask is stopping me from filling the flething. I send the arrow and cant tell what happened the deer jumped and moved about five feet back into the cover. He looked around for a minute then walked back the way he came. I sat for about an hour then went to check things out. I could not find any sign of arrow or blood. I looked for about thirty minutes then walked back towards my stand looking at trees and found a large cut on one. The cut was very high compared to point of aim. I walked back to my stand and found one fletching on the ground. I must have broke it off letting downloading the first time. I am checking all my flething before my next hunt. Letting a small one get away sucks but if I missed a big one from fletching falling off I would jump head first off my stand. And yes I put them on myself. I always take pictures of things I kill so I will try and post one.
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Are you using a whisker biscuit? They are great for beginners, but not the best for hunters.
No I use a limb driver drop away rest. I am a beginner at flething though. I used scotchbright pad and alcohol wipes to prepare the arrow. I did a test last night by flicking the fletching from the side. Out of 18 fletching two more popped off. I used a fast set fleching glue. The ones that failed have no glue stuck on the fletching. I have no idea why they did not stick.
Thanks for all the tips. Read over the glue instictions again and it says if using an accelerator not to use acetone. So I think if I just use the glue acetone is ok.
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