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Went Sat. morning, with dense fog. Slow moving, but got tothe bridge with the compass. We only fished for two hours but between 5 of us, I'm sure we caught more than fifty. The kids had a blast, reeling in the trout. I had to watch my daughter, to find out how she was killing us. I have a broke hand, so the wife was baiting, andI was removing some of the fish, we could barley keep up. I even managed to get my hook baited a few times. On the way home our daughter said that was the most fun she had ever had, (in your face walt disney).My son just wanted to harass them once they were in. So take the kids, NOW! Northwest side right before the hump. My father in law was dropping achicken rig and they all hit his top bait. I could catch all I wanted right under the boat, just drop to the bottom reel once and fish on. We used 1 cut mullet and had plenty left over, one piece would last a long time, as they could not steal it.Isorry no pics, but I could take a pic of the left overs from the fish fry. Happy fishing and merry Christmas all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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