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[email protected] (1/23/2010)Team Hobie:

Tex - ChrisLewis (Captain)

Yakflies - Tim Walker

Talltails - Jason Callaghan

lcallaghan - Liam Callaghan

JD - John Donohue

Our team is just a bunch of Hobie sponsored bums from across FL.

Oh yeah I'm moving to Miami in May most likely. Goal for KW10 is 20 species. Did I mention bonefish are 100 points a piece:shedevil And my new job I work 4-10s so I will get 3 days a week with all of south florida at my disposal! I will truely miss the panhandle and all the great friends I have made here. The panhandle has taught me everything I know about fishing but this is a job oppurtunity I cannot pass up. Dont worry I will still post reports on PFF ;) I might be able to move back in the near future. Should be a great year with some serious competition. Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, FL Keys, Sailfish Alley here I come. The fish on the panhandle should be able to sleep a little better come May.
Dang man well good luck to you where ever you end up. Is Tim staying around here?
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