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I've fished the Tampa Bay area a few times..

I've fished Cockroach Bay.. make sure you get to the launch early.. There is a LONG line for the launch.. I know your gonna be using your kayaks but it's a 2 lane road. There's a bunch of mangroves but a lot of boats fish the area.

I've also fished Weeden Island. I would recommend going here. Very kayak friendly and lots of mangroves. If you fish here work your way along and fish the mangroves all the way to the mouth. From what I've seen, I usually see more and more snook the closer to the mouth I get.

May is the time of year when the snook start heading out the passes to run the beaches. I would suggest going to Fort Desoto for that.

There is a member on here that lives in the Tampa area and does really good fishing down there. Don't remember his name but he was the one asking about rod holders for a Revo. So maybe he'll chime in with even better info.
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