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kayak fishing tournaments?

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me and my fishing buddy daniel (TEAMR&R) were wondering how many kayak tournaments there are in this area besides Kayak Wars and the GCFKA tourney????cause we really want to fish'em
1 - 3 of 12 Posts will be putting on a month long king tourney starting in mid March. OPPS I MEANT MID APRIL! They also just announced there lmb tourneys for the year.

Pretty cool site.
Check them out. They've got a huge forum membership. Many of them fish saltwater as well as fresh. That's a KBF logo on the kayak on Neptune's logo! I will be at the farm a good bit as the hay season starts and plan to enter some of the lmb tourneys.

If the king tourneyin APRIL/MAYhas a good turn out then Chad aka Knot Right plans to run one a month!
talltails (2/16/2010)The FCKA tourney listed above is a great one to attend. Not too far from you guys (just south of Tallahassee) and we have some great inshore kayak fishing habitat. This year we are giving away 7 kayaks including a women's division and a youth division. Good folks and good times. Come see us at the end of March.
I plan to go. looking forward to meeting a bunch of anglers I only know from the forums!
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