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kayak fishing tournaments?

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me and my fishing buddy daniel (TEAMR&R) were wondering how many kayak tournaments there are in this area besides Kayak Wars and the GCFKA tourney????cause we really want to fish'em
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Here is the link to the Saltwater section of the KBF website:

I love tournaments, but have not gotten into the online tournament thing besides KWs because I'm an offshore guy. So, regardless of the name, I'm interested if Kings are on the "menu". I also prefer money and gift certificates over prizes and they are calcutta tournaments. Doc, unless something has changed, the first Yak-N-Kings tournamentruns April 15-May 15th.

KBF isalso planning on a Saltwater Challenge for the year. 1st and 2nd gets a kayak, and will probably be redfish and trout. They are still working out the details, but it will be free.

The Kingof Crab Island tournament in Destin I heard will be happening again this year. I really like the format of that one with a cash payout and aggregate weight of 3 top fish.

I was planning on putting together three 1-day kayak tournaments at Navarre Beach this year since everyone seemed to enjoy what we did last summer. A cobia/king tournament April or May, king only tournament May or June and a tarpon/king tournament July or August. I plan to set dates outside of other weekend tounaments. I will send out more info at a later date, but feel free to PM me your thoughts.
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