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<DIV class=content>March 15 to May 1st and its free. Win a Hobie Quest.

The winner will be determined by the longest combined length of a redfish and spotted sea trout. Redfish will be awarded a maximum of 30". Redfish over the 30" may be entered, but they will only be scored as 30". Spotted sea trout will be scored at their actual length. All photos must contain the KBF identifier and username. All photos must be taken with approved KBF measuring devices and in accordance with the KBF proper photo guidelines established in the Challenges and Rules forum.

March 15th to May 1st

Big Red (Up to 30, and over 30 counts for 30) and combined length with Big Trout.

Win a Hobie Quest, and its free, free, free. ... 009#p37009</DIV>
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