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Headed out to the Atlantic again, temps about 70, water 69. Stopped at a hole 10 miles out, 35'. Pulled in a Bonito, 2 Strawberry Grouper, 1 Gag, about 15 Yellow Tail, 8 Spanish Grunts, 10 Porgies, and I got my first Parrot Fish!

Skip scores again!

Spanish were breaking all around

The water was just beautiful, pictures just cann't show the various contrasting shades

Ed with his Yellow Tail Snapper

Beautiful Parrot Fish

Coast Guard always present!

Cleaning fish at the Sigsbee Marina, with "friends"

Ed with the winning pot for first legal Yellow Tail

Went to VFW Post 3911 for dinner and drinks (open roast beef sandwiches and stuffed Maui-Maui).

Terry had to check out the Sub display and do his Submariner's Tap Dance!

Post Three coming up - stand by! :clap
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