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I went out yesterday to Karick Lake, with some nightcrawlers. Mrs. Sj1 has been getting up for work at 4 AM lately, and I get up to see her off. I figured I may as well stay up and do something useful.:whistling:
I got to the lake well before daylight, and stayed til almost 10. I tried worms, bottom, top, and various depths. I kept a fresh worm in the water the whole time I was there.Then I went to rubber grubs on jigheads, then tried crawling soft plastics through different depths, and cover.
It was a beautiful sunrise. The cooler weather formed a mist, rising from the lake. Birds and squirrels woke up, and started their day, singing and chattering.

Not a single fish, splashing on the end of a line, would disturb this gorgeous morning!

On a more optimistic note, this is the week we plan to get our Alabama NR licenses, and update our bass and panfish gear. We're close enough to a few places over the state line to make it a worthwhile investment, we think.

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