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There was a novel by Alex Hailey called <U>Wheels</U>

It was a novel about the automotive industry. He did extensive research about the industry (this was in 1970 though)

But a point he made was to never buy a car built on a Friday. Workers (not all of them, or even a big number of them) would be be more prone to be hung over, or looking forward to the weekend on a Friday. Monday was the next worse day.

I'd bet it's even more sure in the boat building industry which is MUCH less automated and a single worker does much more on any single boat.

While boats are made over a much longerperiod of time,... imagine a "new guy"working on your boats build... then it's a Friday after a BIG Thursday nightwhen he wires the bilge pump and overstresses(probably)or understresses a crimp to the bilge pump a time or two. Then he works on the raw water washdown pump. Then the nav lights... then...

This is how those horror stories of electrical problems on a brand new boat happen.

Just my opinion of course.

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