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New to the forum. Excited to get some local help
We visit a few times a year from TN. We were down last week and did well with Whiting and landed one 4' Blacktip!!
We were told pompano and red fishing is hot in October and will be back. We stay on the Bach so we can fish all night.
Sounds like mullet is the go to bait for reds. Are we able to catch them from the beach or need to buy frozen from Gray's?
Can you rake sand fleas that time of year or should we also buy frozen?
Are we likely to be able to still catch sharks that time of year.
Any and all information helps.

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Yes mullet can be caught at the beach with a cast net or purchased. ..but whiting caught at the beach work well for reds also. Sandfleas will still be present, sharks will still be biting. Hopefully the pompano bite will he good this fall. Good luck !
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