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Johnsons 9/21

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Got there right when it opened and went all the way down to the last boardwalk you can park at. I went out with some frozen cigar minnows and some leftover mullet I have been using for sharks. Well when I launch it's pretty flat and no bait popping anywhere. then I see 1 little swirl and cast on it and bam a 24 inch Spanish. Well that was the only 1 of the day the rest was crazy. Could'nt keep the Sharks away from anything. There were about 10 that started surrounding my kayak so I say to myself I guess I have to show them who's boss and I tie on a 6 foot leader with a treble hook and a chunk of mullet. Within seconds I hook up with a 6 foot black tip. Me being in my 10 foot Pelican I decide not to land it and cut the leader at the yak. I just wanted to scare some of those other sharks away. The rest of the morning was the same. Ended up catching 3 more sharks landing them because I did not want to cut my king leader. And still ended up losing 1 and losing 2 hooks of the other. After that I started just throwing a white Jig on a leader cuz I was out of cigar minnows. Started tearing up the lady fish and blues and as you can see from the pictures the Sharks were also tearing them up. Caught so many that my shoulder started to hurt so I called it a day. It was fun as hell though. Just a little scary by myself with all of the Sharks

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Nice spanish...I've been havin the same problems with the sharks lately. Gotta love it.
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