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JBL 450 XHD Magnum spear gun

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i have a JBL 450 XHD Magnum for sale with fairly new bands. 200.00 bucks.
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do u havea pic of it i would like to check it out
i don't have any pic's of it. i would take some but the picture processor down grades my pics for some reason that you won't be able to tell anything from them. i can throw it in the truck and meet up with you some time.
Why yousellin it Scott? Thought you was gonna start diving again?
i bought a 48" AB Biller. the big 450 is too big for me to load too many times after i have injured my right elbow. the 48" is much easier to load. i will miss the knock down power of the 450 though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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