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jb today ...

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Well I got a late start today had to put the baby back to sleep but made it out to the second parking lot and there was a 5ft shark swimming right on the shore but I got out a lil bit and dropped down the sabiki and wasn't gettin any bait then something nailed it I'm like wtf this isn't no bait but I fight it for a lil while and it finnally surfaced about 15 ft away from my yak and to my surprise it was a big bull red prolly 30pounds that was a first lol but he broke the lil 12 lb test on my sabiki as soon as he got to the top dang wanted to get a pic it was the biggest one I've caught and it was a great fight on my bait rod. But back to it I had some little cigsicles that I had to get from Walmart cuz nobody in town had any so I started to attempting trolling but needless to say it was a lil sporty out there so I faught a couple decent sharks I caught drifting and headed in it was gettin a lil to rough for my liking

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Wow, a lot of sharks today! They must have been following the schools of mullet or something. That's cool about the redfish. I had a couple big tugs on my sabiki that broke off hooks. Maybe they were reds. I agree about it being rough. No fun.
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