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Jackson Kracken

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I've ordered a Jackson Kayak, Kracken. This will be my first kayak and I was just wondering what you guys think of it? I plan on fishing the gulf off of Destin and the Choctawhatchee Bay area. Can't wait for it to arrive, and the weather warm up.
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Looks like a great boat. Send it to me and I'll beta test it for you.

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You will love it I have a friend that has a Jackson dealership and Have paddled the Prototype last year handles like a dream and very stable and tracks well.
Are you stationed at the shop or the schoolhouse? I don't know much about Jackson kayaks but there is some great fishing there.

I wasn't very impressed with the way it paddled. It was slow and took a lot effort to get it moving. The second you quit paddling the boat comes to a complete stop. The Cuda 14 is the better paddling boat from Jackson. If you are looking for a better offshore boat like the Kraken, look at the Wilderness Systems Thresher.
Bahen, I had never seen the thresher. Great looking boat.

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I retired out of Tyndall in 09. I am one of the GS's out in G.O.D.
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