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The OLE Need to Go.

Heres the deal. I love to bottom fish. I feel like I've become a pretty good bottomfisher. I have not been fishing since the first of August 09. I have worked as a deckhand on charters and have fished some on commercial boats.I have my own boat, wellcraft steplift v-20 1975 model. The reason I've not been fishing is cause of anotheer hobby of mine, SOCCER, I play in an adult league and coach in a youth league. Here the last couple of months or so I've been helping coach a local Highschool team. My favorite fishing partners live out of town.

Now the need to go fishing is stronger than ever. No I'm not ready to wind on one, I'm ready to pump& wind on one. If you can wind on one it will be a small fish, if you have to pump&wind on one it will bea hoss daddy fish. So I'm ready to pump&wind on one!!!!!

I've been reading the offshore reports and it is killing me to go get'em. I prefer to fish in 200ft. plus water depth. I'm ready to kill something sort of speak. Some times I need to OLE motivation to go fishing. I have caught some nice fish during my fishing career(12yrs.) The succes I've had has come with alot of trail & error. It took several years to get good at bottom fishing. I was pointed in the right direction by several Charter Captains. But I still had to figure it all out with some trail and error. Every trip will be different than the one before. Some tactics that caught fish the last trip may not catch anything the next trip.Being a successful fisherman & fisherwoman can take time and effort just like alot of things in life. I guess I 'm trying to let rookies know that it can take time before you feel like you have a good box of fish. Anyday on the water is better than work though.
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