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My favorite Iland lures are all of them.

One thing for certain, they are much lighter than most "high dollar" trolling baits and although they will do fine by themselves there is no doubt they run better when combo'd with a natural bait. I generally go with the following for the size/model lure:

Express or Sea Searcher-Horse ballyhoo or small spanish mack

Black hole or Ilander-Horse 'hoo, medium 'hoo

Jr. Ilander, sea staror sailure- small ballyhoo

Tracker or out rider- dink hoo or strip bait

Another good combo with or without a natural bait is a Ilander in a daisy chain with 4-6 trackers of matching color. I've always had a blue/white one on board and usually pull it without a natural bait behind a bird. Awesome combo
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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