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I'm gone for a week....

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I am headed up to the hunting camp for a week, starting tomorrow. I have a sprint wireless internet card but am unsure if it will work up at the camp (I hope it does). If it does, I will check in daily but if it doesn't, I will have to drive to Camden to try to hop onto someones unsecured wireless or see if the Subway offers it. (gotta stay connected to the net if possible)

You guys keep it right on here while I am gone!!!

I will be hunting with my bow Saturday evening and Sunday morning, getting my new T/C omega with a Nikon Omega scope sighted in Sunday afternoon and bow hunting Sunday evening. Come Monday, I will be in the tree with 150 grains of power behind a 250 grain bullet waiting for some of the big boys I saw a few weeks ago to slip up and give me a chance to let some smoke fly.

I should be back Saturday night (17th) unless it's going off and if so, I will be back Sunday night.

Wish me luck!!!
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Have a great time. I wish you a great hunt, that includes a knockdown. You more than deserve a weekend away from here.
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