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helo_hunter (10/11/2007) I waited a long time, maybe 10 minutes, and started down the tree.

LOL-long time? seemingly yes. actually?-no. gun hunting is a bit different-i often wont give the deer 5 minutes hardly before i go lookin for him (assuming i didnt drop him or see him go down). i know how the adrenaline and suspense is tearing at you, but with bowhunting, you have GOT to discipline yourself from going and searching for the deer for at LEAST an hour. hell, if we shoot a deer right around sunset at my place, if the temps aren't too hot, we wont look for it until the next morning. generally when a wounded deer is fleeing, he will run for a bit, then lay down to rest. it is then when the deer will often leave a big spot (puddle) of blood. often if undisturbed and if they dont feel threatened, they will die on the first spot that they take to rest. very important not to pressure an arrow-shot deer. besides, there was enough exciting college football on saturday to keep you occupied while your deer expired (hopefully?)
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