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IceMule Coolers Pro Catch

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Does anyone have the IceMule pro catch. Im curious how the inside will hold up to some of the toothier species. Thanks

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Looks interesting. If the liner is tough enough, it should work well.
They are a pretty tough cooler. They have them at Intracoastal Outfitters in Pensacola if you want to check them out.
Thanks, I was wondering who carried them. I will have to go and check them out
Check out the Polar Bear soft coolers while you're at it. They have tough, easy to clean liners and can double for family use. I have the Polar Bear 24 and really like it. It goes inside the front hatch...
Yeah I will check it out as well, I just dont have much room in the hatch unless I find somewhere else to store my cart.
I have one they work great i can keep my water bottles frozen all day long no issues. also the inner lining seems very durable and slick
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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