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I finally did it!

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Went out this morning again lookin for the elusive king (elusive for me atleast). Showed up around 530 and my buddy had already been there 10 minutes and had one run but lost the fish. Short there after somebody hooks up then my buddy hits one again. This time he got a good hook set andswitched up his rig with a stinger hook to boot. This one wasnt gettin off. However, when we went to gaff the fishI noticed a dark slick aroundit. We pulled it up and sure enoughthe belly was missing with a10 inch bite diameter. Jaws had some breakfast. Im thinkin this looks promising...I get a run, free spool the fish reeledthe lineback tight felt him swimmin with the bait and set the hook. He ran for about 5 seconds the line goes slack! Awesome its gonna be another one of those days where I cant get a good hook set! Hour and a half later with the spanish consistently biting baits in half andwatchin other people hook up. I pick up my last cig, shove the hook in its dome and send it off to do greater things in life. The bait drifts with the wind and current, I work it back to the pier, the bait is within visual distance, I see Mr. Mack come up from under neath it eyeball it and slam the bait. I feed it some line reel it tight and stick him! He runs, takes a break, runs again, takes a break and walks me back and forth the end of the pier. I get it within gaffing distance, my buddy sticks it, it flops on the deck, the hook pops out, and that folks is the tale of my first King! Its been a few years over due. Ive been persistent, Ive put A LOT of time in, and I finally got my fish! Its time for number two!!!
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Great job! Glad you finally broke the ice.:clap
Good job and great post see any cobia while you were out there? :clap
There werent any Cobia seen or caught while I was there but there have been a few smaller ones seen and caught over the past two weeks. All that I know of where undersize.
Nice!!! Its was rough out there! Surf was high!!
Congrats! Now you will catch them on a regular basis and wonder... "What was I doing different before?" Job well done!
first fish is always the hardest to catch

Congrats on the first king!Did you get a weight or length on him so you have some numbers to try to beat with number two?Nice fish though.:toast Thanks for the pic and report.
I didnt get a length for it but there is an elctronic scale at the pier that weighed it in at 15. Whether it is right or not Im not sure but it doesnt matter to much to me. Im just amped I FINALLY got one!
I know what you mean,but your second king has to be bigger or it isn't as fun.:letsdrink
Hey Anthony, congrats on your king! I read your first post where you laid your woes out there for us, and I am glad to see you nailed this one. We'll have to get together and you can show me how to do it.

Great description and congrats!!!
TOLD YA it would happen :clap

Great report and pic. Congrats on your first king (a fine one) and best wishes for MANY more!

Funny thing how once you catch one it doesn't seem so difficult :doh :lol
Sweet... Good job! Boy, do I remember those days...:clap
Congrats, looks like a solid 15# King to me. I always admire you guys that can do it from the pier.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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