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Dear Participants:

We are a group of students at the <SPAN class=yshortcuts id=lw_1267056944_2 style="BACKGROUND: none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%; CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed">University of North Texas writing to request your participation in our survey for hurricane protection products. The enclosed survey link is formatted using check boxes in attempt to make it user friendly and less time consuming to complete. We are especially interested in consumer perception and awareness of hurricane protection products offered in the market. We estimate this survey will take 3-8 minutes.

We thank you for your assistance in helping us in this study.

</DIV>Please click the following link:</DIV>
</DIV><SPAN class=yshortcuts id=lw_1267056944_3></DIV>
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