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I thought some of you might be interested in some relly cool hunting videos. They're all from everyday hunters that film their own hunts. A few have gotten very good at it with their editing, angles and narrating. Check it out. The kill shots are in just about every video. There isn't much in way of censorship with many of the vids. You will have to sign up to view the videos , but it's wotrth it. I'm tryin' to get me a set up on my bow now after watching these guys do it. If it works out I'll post some here for you guys.
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Radio shack has a small digital recorder on sale 69.00 + batteries, it will do the job, small enough to strap to a bow w/ zoom & anti shake, briteness adj, weighs about 8 oz. will also take pic's. hwy 90 milton.

See ya in the woods.
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