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Hunting Missouri

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Has anyone had any experience hunting public land in Missouri specifically the north west corner of the states public land? I may b making a trip with a couple of buddies up that way around Oct 15 if things can come together an any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!
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Any thing along the Missouri river produces really big bucks. Tough to hunt, but your chances are better if you get there before the rut. I would glass the areas at a distance before you pick your spot to hunt. be prepared to hunt from the ground. I wound use brush blinds. There is a levee that runs the lenth of the missouri river, between the farmers fields and the river, I would set up on the levee and glass the deer to see where they come out. Lower hamberg would be my first choice, Bob white would be my second. Archery only areas are usually over crowded. Brickyard is close to Lower Hamberg and is also a good place to hunt. Its hilly with lots of hard woods and is great for treestand hunting. Hope this helps!
Thanks very much boneyard sounds like some good tactics I believe that is where the plan is to go is Hamburg around Oct 15 I'm not sure when the rut is up there!
starts around October 31st and runs to about November 17th, peak is november 7 through the 12
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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