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Please take some time to check out our new I am nottrying to sell the site on the forum, just inform the public and get the word out on this truely unique website. Wewill have a booth set up at every fishing tournament along the gulf coast, giving away food, shirts, etc. Please take some time and explore the website and give us some feedback on what you think and what we could do to better it. is the cleanest and easiest to navigate worldwide hunting and fishing directory available. Hunters and anglers can search for a guide or charter using three major categories; Region, Species, and Method of Take. Avid outdoorsmen can finally search for the adventures they want to go on based on their criteria. With side-by-side comparisons of outfitters profiles, individuals can compare guides on all levels, ranging from pricing to lodging.

Laid out much like a realtors website makes it easy to narrow done your search. Every angle has been covered on this site from the amazing design and color scheme to the advanced scroll down menu. This truly is a website you have to see to believe.

Hopefully this website will do for hunting and fishing what Travelocity and Orbitz has done for the travel industry. With its soon-to-come online reservation software outdoorsmen will soon be able to find, book, and pay for their dream excursion all online.

Paul Hatcher is the owner of both Ivory Outfitters and . Paul grew up in the small town of Craig Colorado and joined the Air Force right after high school. He served four years in the military, earned his coveted Ranger tab, and deployed to Iraq for his first time in 2003. After seven tours in Iraq between the military and the private sector, Paul moved back to Colorado to pursue his first business, Ivory Outfitters.

If anyone has any questions or comments please give us some feedback! Enjoy the site!

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Tyler Choat 850-324-2225

Adam Medley 850-712-4618
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