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All of the above posts are correct, it just depends on the fish you're going after. Kings/trouts anything aggressive, burn it fast if that doesn't work, slow it down just a bit where it still burns but has a side-to-side 'walk' action to 'flash' them in the eye and get their attention; they'll be chasing it down as if it was candy. A little more lazy fish but not total lax, medium retrieve letting it 'walk'. Lazy bum fish, twitch, twitch, reel slack and let it sit during that time, twitch, twitch, reel slack, wash/rinse/repeat. Would use that color for clear water or mouth of bays to GoM or shallow water with sand bottom. If you get some murkier water or channel/river water higher up in bays, go to purple/black combo that works pretty well.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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