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I posted a little bit of this in the Boating Tips and Tricks but thought I would add the topic here just in case people didn't see it there.

My husbands Garmin Legend handheld GPS is starting to die and he wanted to find a way to get the numbers off. The cable that came with the unit has a serial port. Most laptops do not have serial ports anymore so I ordered online a coverter cable for Serial to USB.

I download a free trial of ExpertGPS at This program is awesome and will download all your number and plot them on a topo map. It will also calculate distances between Wavepoints.

I then was able to convert the file to *usr which is the file format for the Lowrance Unit we have on the boat. I use this website to create the *usr file

If anyone needs help converting their old GPS units...PM me. I can also download your numbers to a text file as well.
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