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A lot of users have been having problems attaching images to this site. Most of the time the issue is that the image is to large and the site often throws off an error that says something like "Invalid Security Token" which I know makes no sense but the problem is that the file is to large.

The file size limit on this site is 200kb and the site will attempt to resize any image larger than 200kb but if it's to big it throws an error. One solution is to resize the image on your computer using a photo editor and then uploading it again at the correct size. But, if you'd rather not go to all that trouble here's a quick walk through on how to upload photos to a third party site and then embed them to this site. It works really well.

How to Attach Large Photos:

1. Open an account at It’s free.
Upload your images there.

2. Remember that the larger the image size, the longer it takes to upload and download. Keep that in mind, especially for our users that have dial-up internet service. If need be, please resize your photos before uploading them. If you have a standard, free PhotoBucket account, your images will be resized automatically to 600-pixels in one direction at a maximum.

For this demonstration, I will use my image of a 1953 Codebook.

3. When you want to post an image, find the image in your Photobucket account. There will be a line below the image titled "Image Code", andwill have the URL address for that image. Highlight that line, then Copy (Ctrl+C) the information. (In some cases, the URL will be automatically copied when you click on it. If you have set up your account to do this automatically, then “Copied” will appear there when the information is placed in your Clipboard)

4. Now go to the thread you wish to post your photo in, and begin your response.

When you get to where you want to insert an image, place your curser there and Insert the URL (CTRL+V).

The Image Code that you copied from the PhotoBucket page will appear when you Paste (CTRL+V) it. It will be the URL of the image wrapped in the Image tags the forum software will need in order to show the image.Don't worry that you don't see the image or the text looks like mumbo-jumbo.... it's just HTML.

If you click on “Preview Post”, the image will be displayed. If it’s not the right image, or not where you want it, scroll down and choose to edit it.

Once you've got the post the way you want it, go ahead and "Submit Post".

Thanks to 480sparky on ET for submitting this.
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