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The Butch Gunnels
KING of the BAY VI
September 20 - October 26

Entry Fee $25 per angler/$50 per boat
1. All fish must be caught in Pensacola Bay, inside of buoys "10" and "11".
2. Fish must be caught by hook and line, but can be landed from land or boat.
3. Angler must be signed up 48 hours prior to weighing a fish.
4. Fish must be weighed the day its caught.
5. In case of a tie, the first fish weighed will determine the winner.
6. Fish can be weighed at Tight Lines Bait & Tackles
7. No frozen or mutilated fish.
8. Must abide by all state and federal laws.
9. Winner must be willing to go on the "Catchin’ Fish" Show.

10. Unwanted fish can be donated to the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest FL.
11. Entry fee must be paid in cash.
12. One prize per fishermen.

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Is it a cumulative pay out OR is it a daily or weekly pay out? I am going to enter, I can't wait to break in my new hobbie outback!
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