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Booked a last minute beach getaway for the family to end the kid’s summer break. Coming into town next Wednesday August 2'nd and staying 4 nights. We will be staying on Perdido Key near the curve back to town. I have never been this late in the summer so I am curious of how the fishing is going. Are there still any Pomps around? I'm bringing my artificial set up as well as my bait soakers.

I have usually had good success in the surf, thanks mostly to what I have learned on this forum. Anything I need to do different than an early June trip?

I have spoons, a few Rip'N splash 70's, Tsunami Swim Shads (can you tell I've been influenced by Chris V.) anything to add?

Plan on digging some sand fleas, and using some fish bites and maybe shrimp. Anything I'm missing?

I appreciate any input.
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