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Are you fishing from the pier? I'd say this time of year a Carolina rig with a 1/2oz-1oz egg weight (depending on current) with a #2 eagle claw 084-A J-hook with either a live shrimp or bull minnow would be most effective. Redfish, flounder and black snapper will be the main things you catch this time of year.

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Ly's for, spanish, kings, flounder, mangrove snappers, bluefish, redfish, specks, bonita.

shrimp for, sheephead, spadefish, pinfish, pigfish, hardtails, skipjacks.

Cast net, Ly's, mullet, spadefish.

long shank hook/30lbs to 40lbs seven strand steel leader/small swivel/fishing line. Kings.
long shank hook/30lbs mono leader/small swivel/fishing line. spanish
regular shank hook/20lbs to 30lbs flurocarbon leader/fishing line. flounder, mangrove snappers, bluefish, redfish, specks, bonita, sheephead, spadefish
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