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Hot Tuna Fishing Video

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Well this video is filmed a long way away from Florida! We sure dont get the oppourtunities to fish as you guys get down south but we try and make the most of it while they are here. Our weather is a bit harsh at times and the warm water stays but for a brief time. Our main catch as to tuna is albacore with the occasional Bluefin thrown in. Yellowtail and Dorado make a showing also but only a choosen few are lucky enough to catch those. So a little glimpse of how your northern brothers spend the summer!
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Nice camera work. I have a few questions, since I may end up over that direction.

How far do yall have to run to get to good fishin? and What is the average size boat one needs to do some good fishin?
For the tuna we go anywhere from 70 miles early in the year to as close this year as 3 miles. Often Salmon fishermen will start losing gear to "real" fish before they finally catch a tuna in close. Normally I would say the distance is between 30 to 40 miles. Boats as small as 19' go out there but I would think 21 22' would be better. Our weather is a bit worse I would think than down south. And the water is a heck of a lot colder!
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