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Hot spots around big sabine?

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Hi i was wondering wat was some hot spots around the big sabine since its the first time i ever wade fish in the south. im a fresh water fisher and fish in the rivers . Heard that wade fishing would be exciting. any suggestions? Detailed maps? Thanks =)
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I would recommend you wading out in the dead middle of Sabine. Go to your about parallel to the point of land on the left and throw some topwaters. I was there today and ended up with a 21in. Redfish. I used a Rapala Skitterwalk and fish just wouldn't stop hitting it. The main thing is just getting on the grass flats. Maybe also get a stout rod witha live pinfish on the end. I saw hug splashes of reds or jacks hitting bait. I threw out a pin today and the whole rod bent over. Couldn't get him in time and lost him. Hope this helps and good luck!
i have very good action on west side point right close to the piece of drift wood. i have never accessed it by car so i don't know how easty it is to get to.
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