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horn island

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Has anybody been to Horn island off mississippi to fish and camp.Thinking about going in april to fish there and run out to the chandelier island also to fish.Any info would be very helpful thanks.
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I stayed out there many nights prior to Katrina. I never bothered to register with anyone. Doesn't make it right... Just did it. There's a deep hole (30ft) on the NW end which is good for white trout, ground mullet and other easy catch types. I have caught many Cobia off the West tip on the sand bar (4-7ft). You can't sight fish as the water is too cloudy, so most people just chum, and use live bait. The Red fishing gets good towards the East end. I caught a 44" Red there a few years ago. Plenty of Specs, so take liv shrimp. Don't trust any charts of the area, including GPS chartplotters as nothing was updated after Katrina.
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