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Yepper, fer a shooting rail I always used pipe wrap and camo tape fer rails....and a drag behind the disc...I use a RR tie.

On food plots/stands,if you don't want to famalirize yourself w/ yardage use surveyor ribbon and it also serves as a wind direction guide....

If you leave a self climber on a tree fer any extended period of time....deer get use to seeing it on the ground so when they are near and it is not there they get suspicious...(imagine someone coming in your house and taking a chair away, you would notice) If you leave it in the woods try to conceal it w/ branches (not only works fer deer, but thieves too)

I left this tip on food plots at the old forum, but i soak my pea/bean seeds in water fer 12 + hours to help start the growth...It softens the seeds so you must hand spread them but it works fantastic....
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