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hermit crabs

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I need about 10 hermit crabs,, anyone know where some are right now,,,,
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If you are putting them in the tank at you office, I would go buy some. You dont want to put stuff from these waters in your tank. It wouldnt be good. It can screw up the tank. THey are only .99 cents at every shop in town. Water World on 9th ave and Langley, Reef Scapes on Olive road near Acadmey, Aquira on Texar near Palafox. All three shops have them in all the time and they are all the same price. Also for all that algea some snails would be good too and if its cycled there are certain fish that will clean hair algea out quick.

If its not for you tank then discard this message.
I would get them from a fish store. There are aquarium forums and they will tell you not to put anything from the ocean in your aquarium. They carry parrisites and can polute the tank.
roofordie (1/21/2010)Also, did you know that a hermit crab will live for years in the wild, but only 6 months in captivity?? I thought it was interesting, so I shared
Mine must think they are in the wild because i have had them in my tank for a couple years now.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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