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Help me out Brandy,Armando and Clay!!! You are partly responsible!!!
I can also blame those three for introducing me to this crack they call spearfishing.

Not familiar with Crestview too much, but any dive shop will gladly help you.

A quick google search shows these in the area. I have no idea on the best shops over there though.

<TABLE class=res><TBODY><TR><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_A><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Divers Emporium <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>394 E Edney Ave, <SPAN class=locality>Crestview, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 689-7665</DIV><DIV class=deb></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD class=icon id=marker_B log="miw" onclick="openInfoWindow('B')"><SPAN id=sxletter></TD><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_B><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Chuck's Dive World <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>92 S John Sims Pkwy, <SPAN class=locality>Valparaiso, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 678-5001</DIV><DIV class=deb></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD class=icon id=marker_C log="miw" onclick="openInfoWindow('C')"><SPAN id=sxletter></TD><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_C><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Scuba Shop The <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>348 Miracle Strip Pkwy S, <SPAN class=locality>Fort Walton Beach, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 243-1600-1 review</DIV><DIV class=deb></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD class=icon id=marker_D log="miw" onclick="openInfoWindow('D')"><SPAN id=sxletter></TD><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_D><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Scuba Tech <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>301 Harbor Blvd, <SPAN class=locality>Destin, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 837-2822</DIV><DIV class=deb></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD class=icon id=marker_E log="miw" onclick="openInfoWindow('E')"><SPAN id=sxletter></TD><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_E><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Kokomo Snorkeling <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>404 Harbor Blvd, <SPAN class=locality>Destin, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 837-9029</DIV><DIV class=deb></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD class=icon id=marker_F log="miw" onclick="openInfoWindow('F')"><SPAN id=sxletter></TD><TD class="text vcard" id=panel_F><DIV class=name><SPAN id=sxlink><SPAN class="fn org" id=sxtitle>Emerald Coast Scuba <SPAN class=detls>- <NOBR>more info »</NOBR></DIV><DIV class=adr><SPAN id=sxaddr><SPAN class=street-address>503 Harbor Blvd, <SPAN class=locality>Destin, <SPAN class=region>FL</DIV><SPAN class=tel id=sxphone>(850) 837-0955</DIV></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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