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Help me choose

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Went to fairhope boat works today to look at a Jackson cuda 14. I really liked it but I also looked at a old town predator 13. I really liked it too! There's not much difference in the price of the two. Which one would you guys pick?
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Shellcracker....I bought my boat at FBC as well. Great place to do business. For starters, both are great boats. Neither are super fast but both are very stable. The Predator has rigging plates if you're not into drilling holes in your boat. I personally own a Cuda 12 and love it. My suggestion is too demo both. FBC can set up a demo for you where they'll bring both boats for you to try out. Everyone's tastes/likes/needs are different so figure out what kind of fishing you'll be doing most and what mods you want most and use that information to figure out which boat will suit your needs best. Keep in mind that there probably isn't a "perfect boat" out there and if there is, no one has told me about it. lol
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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