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Heading To Wilmington for new boat!!

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Leaving Thursday morning. My buddy has other obligations and couldn't go. Gonna be a long trip by myself. All expenses paid if anyone would like to take a long boat ride! Bertram 33' from Wilmington NC. to Pensacola.

She has new engines, transmissions and Gen. basicly everything below the deck is new. Reliability should not be a problem, however I will be prepared.

Cummins 370hp x 2
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What a nice ride! :bowdown I wish the timing was better, I would love to make such a trip.

Yea, how many days?, any beer on this trip? Someplace to charge my BB?
I expect the trip will take about 7 days. Don't know what a BB is.The boat has a gen so you can charge anything.Yes there will be beer. If you want to go I'll fly you to Wilmington Sat. and we'll leave upon your arrival. Capt. Tony B. just called me and gave me a heads up. Aqua Blue 22, call me 5011574 if you want to make the trip. We'll be spending most if not all nights at marinas.
Dang Man I would love to go just for the experience, but work is killing me since our huge layoff ( I am beginning to think those were the lucky ones). I dont know Tony Blanton's schedule but I think I would try to get him to go with you. He might cost you a fair penny, but he would be worth his wieght in gold (both as a sailor and problem solver). Just my .02, that is a long way to go and an experienced guy like him could really come in handy. Good luck and I really hope the weather cooperates.
Thanks for the kind words Michael, I've been in touch with boardfeet, and he knows my availability. Would love to help him bring his baby home, just got a few things going at this time!! I'll second the fair weather wishes!!:toast
That's gonna be an awesome experience I'm sure - be careful and have fun!
I dont mean to sound stupid, will you come down by rivers or go out in the ocean ???
We'll run outside whenever the seas are favorable. The rest of the time we'll run the ICW, to the Okechobee waterway then across to Ft. Meyers. Go up the west coast of Florida running outside whenever possible to Tampa. Cross the Gulf from Tampa to Appalachicola, then make our way to Pensacola from there. You make better time out in the ocean so we'll run outside as much as possible.
sounds like one heck of a trip! would love to experience it! gotta love work!! :banghead
Frank, good luck on the trip. Give me holler when you get it to Day Break, I'd like to come check it out.
Definitely a trip I'd love to tag along on. Except I'm stuck here paying bills.:banghead Have a safe trip and if you've got internet access onboard post a daily event report. If not hit us with the highlights on your return.Taking any tackle?
I'm guessing 1500 miles? at what, 1.5 miles per gallon? So thats about $3K in fuel?

I was thinking it was going to be a lot, and it is, but I guess considering all costs involved, its probably not that bad.
Of course we're taking tackle. Gulfstream fishing is hot this time of year.

Map Tech says it's a little over 1100 miles on the ICW.

Checked the offshore Bouys from Wilmington to Fernandina Beach this morning, last 24 hours the highest wave was 3.6 ft.

Looks like an outside run on most of the east coast.:usaflag
Good luck and be safe! I'm afraid after that trip, you are not going to want to get back on the boat for a few weeks. Sounds like a grand adventure. Have fun!
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