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Mish Shedlock's very excellent blog has this report today (Saturday) about the oil spill. At this stage, it's hard to know what to believe but I'm more inclined to believe Matt Simmons, an investment banker in the energy industry, than I am BP orthe government.

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<span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Scientist Locates Another Vast Oil Plume

Please consider La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf

<BLOCKQUOTE>A day after scientists reported finding a huge "plume" of oil extending miles east of the leaking BP well, on Friday a Louisiana scientist said his crew had located another vast plume of oily globs, miles in the opposite direction.

James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State University, said his crew on Wednesday found a plume of oil in a section of the gulf 75 miles northwest of the source of the leak.

Cowan said that his crew sent a remotely controlled submarine into the water, and found it full of oily globules, from the size of a thumbnail to the size of a golf ball. Unlike the plume found east of the leak -- in which the oil was so dissolved that contaminated water appeared clear -- Cowan said the oil at this site was so thick that it covered the lights on the submarine.

"It almost looks like big wet snowflakes, but they're brown and black and oily," Cowan said. The submarine returned to the surface entirely black, he said.

Cowan said that the submarine traveled about 400 feet down, close to the sea floor, and found oil all the way down. Trying to find the edges of the plume, he said the submarine traveled miles from side to side.

"We really never found either end of it," he said.

This discovery seems to confirm the fears of some scientists that -- because of the depth of the leak and the heavy use of chemical "dispersants" -- this spill was behaving differently than others. Instead of floating on top of the water, it may be moving beneath it. </BLOCKQUOTE><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Simmons Calls For Military to Nuke Oil Leak

Inquiring minds are reading Simmons Calls For Obama to Take Over BP; Military To Nuke Oil Leak

<BLOCKQUOTE>Today Matt Simmons, one of the largest investment bankers in the energy industry appeared on Bloomberg. The chairman of Simmons & Co. INTL went on to explain that there is much more to the oil leak than the news has been reporting. Last Sunday, NOAA confirmed reports of a second fissure about 5-7 miles from the original. This new fissure appears to be releasing a plume the size of Delaware and Maryland combined! He went on to state that ?the plume from the riser is minor thing? the best estimate is about 120,000 barrels of oil per day?.

Simmons is quoted as saying, ?Obama could remove BP today? tell BP it is time to leave?. Some questions were also brought up that pertained to a nuclear device and how the military could lower one 18,000 feet into the well bore.

Simmons went on to say ? Such techniques have been used by the Russians on several different occasions?.</BLOCKQUOTE><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Matt Simmons Video on the Nuke Option

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Mat Simmons "... From all of the best scientists who have thought about this in the past few days, probably the only thing we can do is create a weapons system and send it down 18,000 feet, detonate it and hopefully case in the oil."

That we would even have discussions about setting off nuclear explosions in "hope" they would accomplish something is certainly not encouraging to say the least.

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BP CEO disputes claims of underwater oil plumes </h1> <h4> By The Associated Press </h4> <h5>May 30, 2010, 4:09PM</h5> <span class="mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-photo" style="display: inline;"><span class="photo-breakout photo-center large">
<span class="byline">(AP Photo/Sean Gardner, Pool)<span class="caption">In this May 28, 2010 photo, BP CEO Tony Hayward stands aboard the Discover Enterprise drill ship during recovery operations in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Venice, La. VENICE, La. -- BP PLC CEO Tony Hayward is refuting claims by scientists that there are large undersea plumes from the Gulf oil spill.

Hayward said Sunday the oil is on the water's surface, and that BP's sampling showed "no evidence" of oil in the water column.

Scientists from several universities have reported plumes of what appears to be oil suspended in clouds that stretched for miles and reached hundreds of feet beneath the Gulf's surface.

Hayward also says the company is narrowing its response to the oil spill to the Louisiana coast and bulking up cleanup forces there for a fight that could last months.

Almost six weeks into the nation's worst spill, no significant oil has hit other Gulf states, but they remain guarded.


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