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I wasn't really ever prolific enough here to have gotten the chance to meet more than handful of people last year, but...

I lived in Navarre for a good chunk of last year, came down for a job that wasn't what it promised to be, and had to run home with my tail between my legs. Since then, things have really been great, and we're finally able to make it back for a week.

Only problem is that because I lived there, I never paid much attention to visitor accommodations.

It'll be me, my Iraq-War veteran friend, and probably my girlfriend. It's his first ever trip to the Gulf Coast. We're looking for suggestions about where to stay (cheaper is better!), can be apartments, condos, campgrounds...whatever. Hoping to be there there from May 29-June 5.

Possibly looking for a ride on a charter boat too, or even just a float around 3-mile or any other place we might be able to snag a ride.

Don't get me wrong, we're not looking for free, I just know this is a tight knit community of reputable folks who might have some suggestions for us.
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