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grouper trip

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Want to schedule a walk-on to slam some grouper for my Dad who is flying in this weekand I either this weekend or next weekend. Any recommendations?

Wanted to take my boat out, but ran into some issues with it. My Dad is coming down and unfortunately has a terminal illness with probably less then 2 years. However he appears the same that he was 10 years ago, so fishing will not be an issue. So this may be his last trip to come see me. He said 1 thing he did want to do before it happens was to get out on the water and enjoy some time with his son fishing. He brought me up to fish freshwater, but I have always talked so much about after he catches a solid fish over 10lbs in saltwater, he will give up freshwater fishing for good. He as well wishes that it could be in my boat, but he understands that things happen.

Live in Pcola, but will gladly roll to OB if necessary. Am trying to keep it around $125 each plus tip if possible. Any ideas guys? Greatly appreciate it.

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Might be cheeper to fix your boat ,than find a charter for just 2 people. Try putting this request out there with the dates your free and maybe some one will let you share expences on there boat. ??? Good Luck.
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