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No pics so I will keep it down and dirty. Tried to fish Friday morning and got out to the kingry barge and started taking on water and the bilge pump quit. Ended up filling one pontoon completely \so we headed back to harbor view. New bilge pump and deck hatch was installed at the pier and we finally get back out. Went to greens hole just to mingo fish and they were certainly biting. Caught a 6 man limit of mingos in 2 hours with several red snapper thrown in. Ended up trying to find some red grouper the rest of the night but could not locate them to the west. (next time we will go to the east and fish some limestone).

All in all a decent trip.

60 mingo (kept) 83 caught and 3 red snapper (biggest was 12lbs)

Just nice to get back out on the water after a couple month hiatus.

The mingos are in close if anyone wants to know. We had a good grade of mingo on the kingry barge. Every wreck we have been on over the last two weeks has been loaded with Mingos.
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