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Green Lantern 02 Nov 07

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Short story, Hit the water around 1300 and went to the NMZ by Sherman. I sat for a WHILE and caught a Cownose ray on dead shrimp.I stayed a little longer with no bites then I paddled back to the mouth of Sherman Cove. Around 1730 the sun started setting and one of my rods bow over to produce a Bull Red @ 36". Catch (photo) Release with no harm. It didn't look as healthy as others I had caught over the last few months.

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Is that a cow nose ray? If so aren't they protected? I don't know that's why I'm asking
good report and thanks for the pictures. at least you felt some "pull" and captured it. i'd say "well worth the effort" ...

edit...oh yeah, march 11, was a very good day to fish...:poke
yeah thats a cow nose all right, don't believe there is a regulation, ignorance costs money though
its a cownose.. but it sounds like they aren't protected by any means. quite the opposite - it looks like they are trying to find ways to get rid of some. Thats not to say there aren't restrictions.
Hey Roy... congrats on that honker!! I'm just jealous... I didn't get to fish any over the wkend.:reallycrying Sat... I was helping my fellow pirates renovate and work onour newly acquired 30' pirate ship and Iwas squatting down to finish getting the rest of the dirt out of the main part (it had been retrieved from being sunk due to Ivan) and my right knee decided to hit a nice size bolt that was in the center mast base. Needless to say... I was resting and putting a lot of ice on it all wkend... which sucked as it was a most beautiful weekend and I didn't get anything done. Maybe I can get to fish NEXT weekend!!
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