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We found out today that Quitman County, GA just enacted some new zoning and our hunt camp in Georgetown, GA (just across the border from Lake Eufaula, AL) has to be disbanded. I have a 32' Yellowstone travel trailer that's been there for 3 years that I will have to get rid of before January 1st. I plan to hunt the least there through December - then sell the trailer and give up our lease. This trailer isn't going to win any beauty contests, but it's a very comfortable hunting camp.

The trailer is a 1971 or 72 model with 2 axles -it spent most of those years in a warehouse in Clearwater before my Dad and I bought it for our hunting camp in 2004. This would be a great hunting camp for anyone within 100 miles of Tallahassee, FL, Dothan or Montgomery, AL or Albany, GA, although you could tow it about anywhere inWesternGA, Eastern AL or NW FL.

Trailer has a brand new 6 gallon electric water heater, new water lines (with no tank - for County water hookup), new toilet, gas stove/oven with new propane tank, brand new indoor/outdoor carpet squares with spares, and a new full size fridge/freezer (11 Cu Ft). There's also a set of free standing wooden steps with a small landing I will include. The roof AC/Heat Unit doesn't work well, so thereis an electric radiant heater for the main area and a small space heater for the back bedroom,plus a brand new 8,000 BTU window A/C unit and several small fans that I'll throw in. From the dog days of summer to the coldest winter days, it's been a great hunting camp and very comfortable for 1-2 people the way it's set up now. Add a couple bunk beds and you could easily sleep 3-4 or more.

It's also got a small 13" color tv with built in VCR and a Shakespeare marine TV antenna, microwave, toaster oven, rice cooker, coffee maker and all the linens, cookware and silverware. There is a queen sleeper sofa in the LR, and ahuge, very comfortable cot (plus a spare cot) for the back BR with good sleeping bags for all. It's currently under a roof, but can pull out cleanly.

I'm not looking to get rich - I just hope to get backpart of what we put into it.All told, we probably have at least$6,000invested, I'd be happy to get an early offer or commitment for it for something around half that amount. If you're looking for an affordable hunting camp and can wait until late December or January - please shoot me a PM. I can even arrange for you to come up and hunt a couple of guest days on our lease and check it out if you're serious. Just for kicks, I posted a few pics of the bucks we killed on this leasein 2004. These three bucks were killed in four days.

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