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Great Day Snapper Fishing on Friday 10/26/07

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You all messed up something badif you had to work or couldn't get out on Friday. It was awesome!!!! Can you say SEEEEEEEE.....LIK!!!!!!!, It was slick by afternoon, little wind and the fish were hungry. Great weather, sunny, and the temp was in the low 70's. I was able to take my father out for the first time and we had a blast.We caught our limit of snappers and a couple of mingosin Federal water early about 13 miles out of pensacola pass and headed to state waters to finish off our state limits. In state waters the shorties kept us busy.We came up 1 snapper shy of our total limit. It sounded like offshore fishing for the rest of the weekend was going to be really windy and some serious wave action. I was afraid that the red tide would mess up our trip, but I saw no evidence at all of any red tide from navy point to 13 miles out. I'm still a new boat owner and haven't caught a grouper yet out of my boat. It sounds like I better start trying to figure this species out since I won't be fishing for snappers again for 7 months. :reallycrying.

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nice fish! little man looks pretty happy. i wish i couldve got down there to do some fishing but i had alot of studying to do. i like the decal on the cape too! where did you get it done at? im gonna get some work done on mine while im up here and can't use it.
nice catch:clap
Good catch! Try around the edge and some deeper water natural bottom spots with big live bait or butterflied northern mackeral and you will find some grouper.
Any day is a great day on the water when you take your younguns. I think his smile is as big as the snapper he's holding.
Nice day on the Water! Thanks for the report!!
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