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Well I got a late start helping my wife and daughter get ready for school and work this morning, so ended up launching about 8 from I-110 launch. I usually start on the west side but made the command decision to stay east today. Boy am I happy that I did, started out with a nice flounder then a couple undersize specs and one undersize flounder then got a beast of a flounder, 2 nice specs, had to keep moving to stay away from the cats. Then bite slowed down for a bit but the bait was running wild so kept casting into it hoping to catch something. Finally snagged into something that was pulling my drag pretty good kept thinking it was a shark or big cat, finally got it close enough before it took off again to see that I had me a nice red :p I am ecstatic, so I keep him tight and let him drag me around for a little while to tire him out and get him to the boat measured him a little past 24" so in the box he went with the others. All of this was on gulp 3" rootbeer/chartreuse and new penny shrimp by 12 I got off the water so I wouldn't have to clean too many fish. I included some pics of the pole it was done with, I just had custom made by my buddy, first time fishing with it grand slam so I think he did a good job.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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